1 February 2016
Public Consultation on Draft SIAC Investment Arbitration Rules

The Singapore International Arbitration Centre (SIAC) is pleased to announce the commencement of the public consultation process on its draft Investment Arbitration Rules 2016 (the “draft IA Rules”), a comprehensive set of specialised rules for the administration of investment arbitrations by SIAC.

The draft IA Rules aim to provide an alternative, bespoke set of procedures to the SIAC Arbitration Rules. They address issues which have been the focus of much discussion within the international arbitration community, including, in particular, the provisions on early dismissal of claims, confidentiality, submissions by non-disputing parties and disclosure of third party funding arrangements.

The draft IA Rules were produced in consultation with the SIAC Court of Arbitration Rules Revision Executive Committee, working closely with the Court sub-committee on investment arbitration. The Committee is composed of leading practitioners from all over the world, and is chaired by the President of the SIAC Court of Arbitration, Mr Gary Born.

SIAC greatly values feedback from its users about the quality and efficiency of SIAC arbitration. SIAC encourages users from around the world to provide their comments on the draft IA Rules. Mr Born commented on the release of the draft IA Rules: “As investment arbitration continues to grow, in Asia and elsewhere, the new SIAC Investment Arbitration Rules are intended to provide an efficient and neutral set of procedural rules tailored to the needs of both states and investors. We look forward to receiving comments from users around the world.”

SIAC invites all interested users and practitioners to review the draft IA Rules and send in their comments during the consultation period (1 February to 29 February 2016). SIAC welcomes all suggestions on the contents of the draft IA Rules, as well as any other issues and/or areas not already provided in the draft. The draft IA Rules are available on the SIAC website (click here) and comments may be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or in hard copy to:

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For more information please contact:

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